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Xtra Hot Slots

Xtra Hot Slots is a classic online slot machine - no bonus games, extra rounds or free spins distract your attention from the core game. If you're burnt out on over-complicated slot games Xtra Hot is a great way to get back in touch with the heart of the experience: watching the reels turn and waiting to see if it'll line up the symbols you need for a big jackpot.

It's decorated with purple lightning motifs - it catches the eye but there's no ostentatious theming to drag your attention away from the main game when you play Xtra Hot Slots. You're looking to match the classic fruit symbols: oranges, lemons, cherries and plums are your standards here.

The real meat of the Xtra Hot Slots online game is in combining different symbols for bigger bonuses. While the highest scoring individual symbols are the Lucky 7 and the Bar, for wins of 1000 and 200 times your stake respectively, when you add the scatter Star symbol to the mix things start to get interesting.

If you can get multiple matching symbols across consecutive reels you stand to get a multiplier to your winnings: fifteen of a kind multiplies your already impressive jackpot by five, but even twelve of a kind across the first three reels gives you a multiplier of three which is not to be sneezed at!

As if that wasn't enough, Xtra Hot Slots offers an extra feature you might not even notice unless you've been playing really close attention: you can get a pay out on two of a kind! This bonus is only available for cherries, but still gives you a little advantage you don't normally have.

It's this kind of small but effective feature that characterises Xtra Hot Slots: it's not a flashy bonus game, it's subtle, and wide ranging enough to affect the course of your whole game. Xtra Hot Slots is a game that you can pick up and play right away but with deep features to reward an experienced player.

You can play Xtra Hot Slots online through your PC and also on mobile devices, so as long as you have a mobile phone you can get some spins in, and try for Xtra Hot's uniquely rewarding big jackpots.

Xtra Hot

Clean up big time at this hot and fruity slot machine. Xtra Hot™ will provide you with your daily dose of vitamins as well as a huge haul of money. With just a single game you could multiply your money balance. So what are you waiting for? Spin those reels.

Five paylines across five reels, as well as a range of additional features, will help you on your way to becoming a reel winner. Your ultimate goal is to have every reel show the same symbol. In the regular game the win pattern starts at the first reel on the left and follows the payline across to the right. The Star scatter symbol, however, may appear anywhere.

RTP: 95.66%
Game play artwork for Xtra Hot