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Ultra Hot Slots

Ultra Hot Slots is a nostalgic classic of a slot game. It takes you back to the early days of slot machines, before the internet, when all you had to focus on were the three reels in front of you, concentrated on the slots themselves, rather than mini-games or bonus rounds. It's a real blast from the past!

When you play Ultra Hot Slots your first job is to look for the fruit symbols that are the main ways to win in this game. From lemons and cherries to oranges and plums, all the staples of the slot game are represented here, reminding you why they're also called fruit machines! As there are three reels there are three chances per spin to line up three symbols and get a payout, so there are plenty of opportunities to put these fruits to work for you, and turn them into big jackpots!

When you play Ultra Hot Slots online you're being offered a way back to a simpler, golden age of slot games. It's a chance to relax, and immerse yourself in a satisfyingly simple game of chance and judgment where you still have the chance to win big sums!

If it's proving a little too simple and straightforward for you, you can look to the 'Double Your Money' Gamble feature which gives you the chance to take your jackpot and potentially turn it into a far larger sum. Along with the bars, stars and lucky sevens, this means even this simple game has excitement to keep you engaged as you play!

Even though there are only three reels, they're covered by five pay lines, which means every potential winning angle is covered. You can choose which out of the five are active for any one spin, and so you're totally in control of your betting experience, with stakes as low as a penny!

You can play Ultra Hot Slots online, through your desktop or laptop computer so it's always there when you need to escape to a simpler world of slot game nostalgia.

Ultra Hot


Ultra Hot™ Deluxe is the epitome of a classic slot! With its seven colourful fruit symbols, it screams the flair of a typical "Fruit Machine" or "Fruity", as they are affectionately known. Three reels spin in your chances of making huge winnings!

The aim of Ultra Hot™ Deluxe is to get the same symbol showing on all 3 reels. In the regular game, winning combinations run left to right across the paylines. To land a win, a complete winning combination must occupy a payline, without any other symbols coming between the winning symbols.

Getting Started

Upon entering the game, you will be asked how many credits you would like to pay into the machine. Then you can set the stake per payline by clicking the respective "+ / -" buttons. Click on "Start" to start playing. Players can opt for automatic play by clicking on "Autostart". Clicking on "Autostart" a second time will cancel automatic play.


Click on the "Paytable" button at the bottom of the playing field to view the winnings summary table. Winnings are a multiplication of your stake. Refer to the table to learn what multiplication factor each winning combination brings.

>p>The "Gamble" button will appear as soon as you have a winning combination of at least two adjacent symbols. Playing the "Gamble Game" gives you the chance to double your win. Click "Gamble" a second time when the next screen appears to try your luck! It is totally up to you whether you want to try gambling or not. You can always click "Collect" to collect your winnings and return to the main game.RTP: 95.17%
Game play artwork for Ultra Hot