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Game play artwork for Texas Hold’em Champion’s Edition

Texas Hold'em Champion's Edition

Can you get the highest hand to beat the Champion? Play this classic poker style Texas Hold'em instant win, as you reveal and combine multiple hands to see if any beat the Champion's hand. A fun format where you can win multiple times in the same game.

With a single click, a Rankings Table is on hand to offer an in-depth look at how the game is progressing, and an extra dimension to your gameplay.

If you have a cool hand and think you can take on the Champion, play Texas Hold'em Champion's Edition today!

Texas Hold'em Champion's Edition

Select the cards to reveal Your Cards, the Champion Cards, and the Community Cards. Combine Your Cards with the Community Cards to build Your Hands. If any of Your Hands beat the Champion's Hand, you win!

How to Play

Ticket Cost

Displays the current ticket cost.

Press the left arrow (-) to decrease the ticket cost.

Press the right arrow (+) to increase the ticket cost.

Press BUY to deduct the ticket cost from the balance and play the game.

Reveal All

Press REVEAL ALL to automatically play the game to completion. Game play continues until all items have been revealed.

About the Game

Select the playing cards to reveal YOUR CARDS, and the COMMUNITY CARDS.

The game combines YOUR CARDS with the COMMUNITY CARDS to build YOUR HANDS.

If any of YOUR HANDS beats the CHAMPION@S HAND, you win!

Rankings table shows the progress of the game.

Game Completion

When all the tiles are revealed, the game ends. A closing message appears, indicating the game'soutcome.


Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Instant wins are added to total winning prize values.

Wins are shown in currency.

Additional Information

Expected Payback

For this game, the long-term, theoretically-expected payback is 89.00%.

Intellectual Property

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Last updated 31 January 2018.

Game play artwork for Texas Hold’em Champion’s Edition