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Roaring Forties Slots

Roaring Forties is a classic slot game, a mainstay of casinos in the physical world, and now it's coming to the internet thanks to Novomatic. Roaring Forties slots has all the thrilling action of the casino version, matching classic slot machine symbols like Cherries, Sevens, Bells and more, with the addition of online only bonus games to enhance to experience for a new generation of players.

When you play Roaring Forties slots you don't have to deal with the sort of complicated interface that afflicts that many modern slots games: this a back to basics affair, with the comforting simplicity of a fruit machine from the past. The symbols are big, eye-catchingly clear designs, so you always know when you're on the path to racking up a big with a line up of Sevens, which can pay out up to 100,000 coins! Wild symbols are, helpfully, the word 'Wild' in a bright red, playful font. This can match with any of the base symbols to help multiply your wins!

The music design is a classic electronic fruit machine soundscape, with reassuringly mechanical sounds illustrating the spinning reels and a hectic, exciting back track as the symbols spin. When your wins are counted up, ascending tones make it clear you're winning more and more. This game really wouldn't be the same without its classic sounds.

Playing Roaring Forties Slots online gives you access to some extra bonus games to amp up the action and excitement. Collecting stars, the scatter symbols for this game can allow the player a massive win of up to 2 million coins, which is impressively huge. Any big wins are rewarded with the chance to gamble them, potentially doubling your winnings if you choose whether a card will be red or black correctly.

Other modern innovations this game makes use of include flexible paylines - you can choose how much to bet by choosing how many paylines to bet on and how much your stake for each line will be, meaning each spin could cost as little 1 coin or as much as 4000! - and a customisable auto-spin mode, that you can tune with maximum bets. When you play Roaring Forties slots online you're getting a game that offers a classic attraction and the best of modern innovation!

Roaring Forties

Are you keen on playing a classic slot machine with unbelievable odds? Then Roaring Forties™, our tumultuous 4-0, is the right game for you! In the style of the old one-arm bandits, colourful fruits spin on the reels and promise huge winnings with no less than 40 paylines!

The aim of Roaring Forties™ is to land the same symbol on all 5 reels. In the normal game, winning combinations run across the paylines from left to right. To land a win, a complete winning combination must occupy a payline, without any other symbols coming between the winning symbols. The WILD! symbol acts as a joker and replaces all symbols, apart from the scatter symbol (star).


Launch Roaring Forties™ by clicking on "Play Now". Upon entering the game, you will be asked how much funds you would like to pay into the machine. Then you can set the stake per payline by clicking the respective "+ / -" buttons. Click on "Start" to start playing. Players can opt for automatic play by clicking on "Autostart". Clicking on "Autostart" a second time will cancel automatic play.

All winnning combinations run across the reels from left to right. The scatter symbols (star) is an exception to this rule; it can take effect in any position on the reels.


The "Gamble" button will appear as soon as you have a winning combination. Playing the "Gamble Game" gives you the chance to double your win. Click "Gamble" a second time when the next screen appears to try your luck! It is totally up to you whether you want to try gambling or not. You can always click "Collect" to collect your winnings and return to the main game.


Click on the "Paytable" button at the bottom of the playing field to view the winnings summary table. Winnings are a multiplication of your stake. Refer to the table to learn what multiplication factor each winning combination brings.

RTP: 95.48%

Game play artwork for Roaring Forties