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Queen of Hearts Slots

Queen of Hearts slots is a romantic spin on the classic fruit machine formula. The Queen of Hearts is the central figure of the game, helped by the legendary winged figure Cupid to unite couples in true love.

What this means in practice, when you play Queen of Hearts slots, is that as well as trying to line up the traditional card symbols, 10s, Jacks, Kings and Queens, you also have a suite of romantic fairy tale icons on your reels that add a real taste of love to the game!

Additional symbols include rings, crowns, the castle of the Queen of Hearts herself and naturally, some romantic red hearts. The unique thing about this game, is that each of these special symbols comes with a special animation that plays when you line them up to win! This adds a real flavour of excitement to the game, as you wait impatiently to match up symbols you've not won with before to be rewarded with an exciting new snippet of animation.

Playing Queen of Hearts online is a quest to find true love and also rack up big jackpots! Fortunately, the game offers you ample opportunities for both. Basic card symbols get you up to 250,000 coins for a match but it's when you start matching the special symbols that the prizes really start to mount up. You can win up to 3,000,000 coins for finding Yellow Roses, but the most lucrative combination is scoring five red hearts on a pay line for a massive payout of 10,000,000 coins!

These aren't the only ways to win big, however. Getting 3, 4, or 5 of the Queen of Hearts symbol will trigger the free games bonus, with up to 25 free spins awarded to the lucky love-struck player. During the spins, Cupid himself will appear to fire his arrows of love at the machine, transforming more mundane symbols into the Wild Hearts image to magnify your wins!

You can play Queen of Hearts Slots online on your desktop, but it's also available on phones and tablets so you can always have a portal to your personal castle of love.

Queen of Hearts

In Queen of HeartsTM deluxe matters of the heart are very important, and they also win you big winnings! Once our slot machine captures your heart, you will be floating on seventh heaven in the very truest sense of the word. The gentle queen also has a bonus game to ensure your heart keeps racing - because here you want to be lucky in love and in the game!

The aim of Queen of HeartsTM deluxe is to receive 5 matching symbols along the pay line. All winning patterns in the regular game start left on the first reel and run along the pay line to the right. To win, the symbols must lie next to each other with no other symbols in between.


Immediately after starting Queen of HeartsTM deluxe select the amount you wish to bet per game. The next step is to set how high your bet per line should be. With the "+ / -" symbol you can easily adjust this. With the 'Start' button you can start the individual spins, with the 'Auto start' button the spins start automatically, and by clicking 'Auto start' again you can end the automatic starts.


You can see your winning possibilities by clicking the 'Paytable' button. You can see your win potential here based on your bet amount.


Double or nothing: If you have won with a spin, you can decide whether you would like to book the winnings directly on your account, or if you would like to 'gamble' it. With a little luck you can double your winnings with a gamble! If you would like to gamble, simply press the 'Gamble' button to start the 'Gamble' game. If you do not want to gamble, just press the 'Bank' button.

Queen of HeartsTM deluxe Feature

3, 4 or 5 Queen of Hearts in any position win 8, 15 or 20 free games respectively. During the free games, further free games can be won.

In the free games, Cupid's helpers are very generous - with a bit of luck they will appear after the reels have stopped and will randomly distribute bonus hearts. The hearts can be used as Wildcards for all symbols, except the Queen of Hearts, and can be used to complete your winning combinations.

RTP: 95.31%
Game play artwork for Queen of Hearts