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Mega Joker

Mega Joker Slots is a classic, back to basics slot machine with a bold, colourful theme and the signature character of a joker, the classic clown of a king's court.

The main symbols you're trying to match when you play Mega Joker Slots are fruit: the melons, cherries, strawberries and plums that have adorned so many fruit machines down the years. It's a clean and easy to grasp interface that makes this game a great bet for a first timer at online fruit machines.

Perhaps the most striking thing you'll notice when you play Mega Joker Slots online is the sound design: when you spin the reels, they sound pleasingly mechanical, reminding you that these online games are based on intricate real-life machines. When you win, the machine counts off your winnings line by line, with an ascending musical tone for each line, so you're rewarded with an ecstatic tune when you score big!

The symbols you need to watch out for in this game are Star Scatters, which can get you huge jackpots if you can line up enough of them on a payline, and Jokers. The Joker, as befits the character the game is named after, not only matches with everything to boost your jackpots, he can also transform losing spins into winning ones and award huge prizes you weren't expecting. The Joker may have been the only person allowed to mock the monarch in Medieval times but here he's the player's' friend, turning the board upside down to grant them a victory they thought was beyond their reach.

This is a high variance game, so while you have to be prepared to see winnings below the level of your stake, you can also brace yourself for huge jackpots that come out of nowhere and change your game from a sad loss into a celebratory win!

You access Mega Joker Slots online through your PC and your phone and tablet, so you can always risk a spin on the reels and see what the Joker's got lined up for you. All you need is a few minutes and internet connection, wherever you are.

Mega Joker

With Mega Joker™, the colourful Novomatic-Original, you can expect a fast-paced fruits game: Look forward to a massive amount of win lines with Mega chances to win! This time the crazy joker is causing mischief on 40 (!) lines: He substitutes all symbols and in the right combination helps you to crack the Mega-Twistpot!

Mega Joker™ is played on 5 reels and up to 40 win lines. Your aim is to land 5 matching symbols along a win line. Every winning combination begins on the left and runs along the win line to the right. To win, the symbols must lie next to each other without any other symbols, except Scatter symbols, between them.

Game start

Directly after entering Mega Joker™ select the amount you would like to play with for the whole game. Then you need to select the bet per line by using the '+ / -' symbols. You can start the individual spins with the 'Start' button, the 'Autostart' button starts the spins automatically, and further click of the 'Autostart' button ends the automatic process.

Use the 'Paytable' button to go to the winnings overview. You can automatically see here the potential prizes based on the size of your bet.


Double or nothing: The 'Gamble' button will appear as soon as you have a winning combination (see Payable). With the 'Gamble' button you can double your winnings. Your winning odds are 50:50. If you would like to gamble, simply press the 'Gamble' button and start the Gamble-Game. If you do not want to gamble, just press the 'Bank' button.

RTP: 95.05%

Game play artwork for Mega Joker