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Game play artwork for Cash Cookout

Cash Cookout

Cash Cookout instant win brings you summer and the chance for massive winnings all year-round, no matter where you are!

This summer barbecue themed game is perfect for anyone who wants to take a bite of the fun and play for delicious cash payouts. This instant win features whimsical art, upbeat music, and special features that are sure to have you coming back for seconds! Easy to play and packed with exciting wins, Cash Cookout is an instant win you do not want to miss out on.

Matching is the name of the game when you play Cash Cookout instant win. You have up to twelve awesome chances to match three winning numbers. When your number matches a winning number, you win big! This instant win also has a fantastic all-win feature that gives you the opportunity to take home even more cash. And of course, no barbecue is complete without grilling utensils-keep a keen eye out for them because when they appear, you can win all twelve prizes! You won't find a game or winnings like this anywhere else. You won't find a game or winnings like this anywhere else.

Cash Cookout instant win online is fast-paced for fast money! Both experienced and new players will love this game for its straightforward play style and pace. With such fantastic chances to win and the anticipation of the Win All feature, there is no reason not to enjoy this game!

You can enjoy this game anywhere and anytime thanks to the game's wide compatibility. Play Cash Cookout instant win online on your desktop, mobile, or tablet devices to cash in on the wins wherever you are. What's more, when playing on-the-go, this game can be enjoyed in either landscape or portrait mode so you get to choose how you want to take in the fun. With colourful graphics, the chance to win twelve times, and massive payouts, this game is a sizzling hit! No need to wait for summer to get started. Play this instant win online now to get started on the fun and huge cash payouts!

Cash Cookout

Welcome to the BBQ! Who's hungry for cash prizes? In Cash Cookout, match winning numbers to your numbers and win!

How to Play

Ticket Cost

Displays the current ticket cost.

Press the left arrow (-) to decrease the ticket cost.

Press the right arrow (+) to increase the ticket cost.

Press BUY to deduct the ticket cost from the balance and play the game.

The object of Cash Cookout is to match any winning numbers (sauce bottle symbols) to your numbers. If the special 'Win All' grill utensils symbol appears, all prizes are instantly awarded. Click each symbol in each section to reveal the numbers. Or, press REVEAL ALL to reveal the numbers automatically.

How to Win

If any Winning Number match any Your Number, the prize value shown is awarded. When a special 'Win All' grill utensils symbol appears, all prizes in the Your Numbers section are awarded instantly.

Game Completion

Play ends when all numbers are revealed. A message appears, showing the game's outcome.


Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Instant wins are added to total winning prize values.

Wins are shown in currency.

Additional Information

Expected Payback

For this game, the long-term, theoretically-expected payback is 89.00%.

Game play artwork for Cash Cookout