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Megajackpots Cleopatra

Step back in time to Ancient Egypt to explore the mysteries of the Nile as you seek to uncover the secrets of the pharaohs and win their golden treasures in Megajackpots Cleopatra. Slots games are an all-time casino classic, and we're sure that this version set in the land of the Pyramids will captivate you now as the great Roman rulers were captivated with the legendary ruler 2000 years ago.

This five-reel slot game is sure to be a hit, with its beautifully vibrant visuals and symbols from the Nile kingdom, including golden hieroglyphics and Lotus flowers. When you play Megajackpots Cleopatra, you have the chance to win it big - get one or more Megajackpot Cleopatra symbols in a line win to double that win. However, if you manage to line up five Megajackpot symbols across the centre payline, you'll be in line for a huge payout with the Megajackpots Progressive. Your chances of winning are directly related to the size of your initial bet, and so the more you put down, the greater your odds of winning are. Furthermore, if your spin isn't initially a winner, now you have a double chance to win, with a behind-the-scenes Second Chance draw that can also award you the top prize.

If that wasn't exciting enough, there's also the Cleopatra Bonus, triggered when you get three or more Sphinx scatter icons across any of the reels. Triggering this Bonus awards 15 free spins - all wins from one of these spins, except the Megajackpot award and the Progressive, are tripled, giving you more chances for a bumper Bonus payout. You can even stack this Bonus multiple times, for up to 180 free spins per Bonus! If that doesn't tickle your fancy, we don't know what will!

Not quite ready to place real bets? Try our Practice mode and have a few spins to get into the swing of things. We know that once you discover the fantastic bonuses and payouts on offer, you'll be raring to get involved for real. With gameplay that is easy to jump into for novices and pros alike, join the Genting family today and spin those reels!

How To Bet
MegaJackpots Cleopatra features 20 paylines.

Displays the current bet per line shown in currency.
Press the left arrow (-) to decrease the bet per line.
Press the right arrow (+) button to increase the bet per line.

Lines are fixed at 20 paylines for this game.

Press to submit the bet and spin the reels.

Auto Spin Feature
Auto Spin plays the game automatically for a given number of spins at the current line bet and at 20 paylines.

After selecting the desired bet configuration, press AUTO SPIN, and choose how many spins to play at the current bet settings.

Auto Spin plays the specified number of spins until the STOP button is pressed, a bonus is triggered, or the balance is insufficient to spin again.

Auto Spin is only available in approved jurisdictions.

MegaJackpots Progressive

Every bet offers a chance to win the MegaJackpots progressive. The higher the bet, the better the odds of winning.

The MegaJackpots progressive can be won when five MegaJackpots symbols are found on the centre payline of any single spin in base game, or on any free spin in the Cleopatra Bonus. After every spin that doesn't award the jackpot a behind the scenes Second Chance drawing occurs that can also award the MegaJackpots progressive.

If five MegaJackpots symbols appear on a payline other than the centre payline, then the standard paytable award for a five MegaJackpots symbol is won.

The odds of winning the Jackpot are exactly proportional to the actual bet amount. Therefore, the game is completely fair, offering the same odds per amount bet per currency.

For example, a player playing at a 0.20 line bet has twice the chance of winning the Jackpot as a player playing at a 0.10 line bet in the same game and currency. The expected return to player is the same for both players.

The MegaJackpots progressive jackpot is available to be won on any bet stake, with 3.5% of the stake being shared across the Progressive Pot and Reserve Pot. The player's stake funds both the Progressive Pot and the Reserve Pot. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to the Reserve Pot amount of 500,000 in base currency (i.e. £500,000), and begins to rise again.

In an exceptionally rare case, two players may simultaneously win MegaJackpots. The order of the winners is determined solely by the timestamp applied to each transaction request as it is received by the MegaJackpots server. The official MegaJackpots winning outcome belongs to the player whose transaction timestamp is first. The player whose timestamp is second may win the jackpot Re-Seed Amount if their MegaJackpots winning outcome occurred just after the other player's MegaJackpots win, but before the MegaJackpots meter was able to reset. While the game is live, its jackpots cannot be terminated. If the game is removed, the outstanding pool amount can be transferred to another jackpot.

The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of plays by numerous players over an extended period of time. The expected payback includes the positive effect of the jackpot. The larger the jackpot, the larger the expected return. At reset, the jackpot is 500,000 in base currency (i.e. £500,000). The average expected return including the jackpot is 92.48%.

Cleopatra Bonus

The Cleopatra Bonus is triggered by getting three or more Sphinx scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

Triggering the Cleopatra Bonus awards 15 free spins. All wins, except the 5 MegaJackpots award and the progressive, are tripled in the Bonus.

Retrigger the Cleopatra Bonus by getting three or more Sphinx scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The bonus can be retriggered multiple times, up to a maximum of 180 free spins per bonus.

Free spins are played at same line bet and same number of paylines as the triggering spin.

Graphics Quality
Adjust the quality of the graphics to get the optimal animation performance.

  • BEST mode - Highest quality graphics, but performance may suffer.
  • HIGH mode (default) - Balance graphics and performance setting.
  • MEDIUM mode - Lower quality but increased performance.
  • LOW mode - Minimal graphics, but smoothest animation performance is achieved even on slower computers.

Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

All line win symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels, beginning with the far left reel.

Only the highest winner is paid on each payline. Line wins are multiplied by the line bet on the winning line. Coinciding line wins on different paylines are added.

Only the highest scatter win is paid. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet.

Scatter wins are independent from line wins and are added to the total amount paid.

Wins are shown in currency.

One or more MegaJackpots symbols completing a line win doubles the award value, except when the line win consists of only MegaJackpots symbols.

When you win the Jackpot, a message appears notifying you that customer service will contact you within 24 hours with details of your Jackpot payout. The win verification may take up to 72 hours, and the win will not be reflected in your account balance. You may continue to play. It will not affect your Jackpot.

The amount paid after verification is approximately the amount seen on the Jackpot meter when the win occurs. Potentially, the awarded Jackpot could be somewhat higher because of display delays. The Jackpot paid may also be higher due to meter smoothing, when some meter growth from peak times may be spread across slower periods. In an exceptionally rare case, the award value could be the Jackpot seed amount if your Jackpot winning outcome occurred just after another player's Jackpot win but before the Jackpot meter was able to reset due to this earlier winner.

All applicable taxes and fees in connection with any winnings awarded to you and any other payments to you are your sole responsibility. Winnings cannot be transferred, substituted, or redeemed for any other consideration.

The casino may deactivate this game at any time. If the casino decides to continue the game after a Jackpot is won, the casino is under no obligation to re-seed the Jackpot with the amount of the previous seed or any other amount. In the event that the casino decides to terminate the game, or the game becomes permanently unavailable due to unforeseeable circumstances, the casino holds any funds shown in the Jackpot meter. The casino may increase or decrease the size of the Jackpot award by contributing or removing money at any time.

Jackpot represents an increasing top award where the growth is funded by a fixed percentage of each bet placed by all players playing for the jackpot.

In some jurisdictions, regardless of bet size, there is an award cap on any single transaction, excluding the MegaJackpots progressive. See the paytable for details. A transaction includes the results of the Free Spins Bonus plus the outcome which launched the bonus. If the award cap is reached in the bonus, the bonus ends immediately, even if there are remaining free spins.

Additional Information
Lost Connection During Jackpot Win
In the unlikely event of a lost connection or game reset during a jackpot-triggering spin, the jackpot will be awarded.

Notification of the jackpot win will not appear on the game screen when the game is reloaded, and the win will not be reflected in your account balance. Any standard wins will be reflected in your account balance. Continued play, whether in this game or any other, does not affect the jackpot payout. The Customer Service Team will contact you within 24 hours with the details of your jackpot payout. The award verification may take up to 72 hours.

Expected Payback
In accordance with fair gaming practices required in most legal jurisdictions worldwide, each and every game outcome is completely independent. The odds of getting any particular outcome are always the same.

The odds do not vary based on prior outcomes, bet size, balance size, time of day, day of week, etc. For example, if the top award is won on a given play of the game, the chances of winning the top award on the next play are exactly the same. Likewise, prior losses do not change future odds.

The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of plays by numerous players over an extended period of time. The results for any given player over a play session can vary widely from this long-term, expected average in either direction. The fewer the number of games played, the wider the normal variance of actual payback that may be experienced.


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  8. In the event that you win MegaJackpots® the Website Provider will provide IGT with your name, age, town, county, state and/or country of residence together with the fact that you have won MegaJackpots® and you will be required to supply proof of your identity, residence and age to IGT.

  9. When you play a MegaJackpots® Game you authorise IGT, in the event that you win MegaJackpots®, to publicise your name, town, county, state and/or country of residence together with the fact that you have won MegaJackpots®. Verification of a win in a MegaJackpots® Game can take up to 72 business hours. If you win MegaJackpots® you only become entitled to the prize money once your win has been verified. Where a win is not verified to IGT's satisfaction that win can be annulled by IGT without any liability to you.

  10. If you win MegaJackpots® you will be informed in writing when your win has been verified. Except in case of a MegaJackpots® win, the prize money in any MegaJackpots® Game will, provided all these terms and conditions and all the Website's terms and conditions have been observed, be paid to you by the Website Provider. In case of a MegaJackpots® win IGT will, provided all these terms and conditions and all the Website's terms and conditions have been observed, pay or procure the payment of the prize money to you. If you win MegaJackpots® the prize money shall be paid to you in one lump sum payment. For the avoidance of doubt, no interest will accrue in your favour on any unpaid balance.

  11. Either IGT or the Website Provider may discontinue the provision of any one (1) or more MegaJackpots® Games at any time. Should either IGT or the Website Provider decide to discontinue the provision of a MegaJackpots® Game, or should a MegaJackpots® Game become unavailable due to any event outside the control of IGT and/or any Website Provider, any prize money related to that Game's MegaJackpots® shall be appropriated by IGT.

  12. Following a MegaJackpots® win IGT shall be entitled to establish the Re-Seed Amount at its absolute discretion.

  13. IGT may in its absolute discretion increase the MegaJackpots® amount at any time or whilst ensuring that it is clear to you, decrease the size of the MegaJackpots® amount including upon setting a new Re-Seed Amount following a MegaJackpots® win.

  14. If two players simultaneously win MegaJackpots®, IGT's systems server shall determine who of the two is to receive the prize money. The other person shall be entitled to the MegaJackpots® Re-Seed Amount.

  15. You shall not hold IGT, its owners, employees, affiliates, suppliers or other companies or people linked to IGT responsible for any costs or damages (including without limitation, any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss or damages or any loss of income profits, goodwill, data or contracts and whether in tort, contract or otherwise) that you incur as a result of your: use of the Website or the Megajackpots® Games; use of any material from the Website; use of any IGT's servers; use of any of IGT's software; or participation in any Megajackpots® Game or the winning of any prize; nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit liability for any matter, liability for which cannot be excluded under the applicable law.

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Game play artwork for MegaJackpots Cleopatra