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Game play artwork for Ice Cave

Ice Cave Slots

Have you ever wanted to be a Viking warrior, earning your honour on a field of frozen ice and snow, feasting in firelit halls, and sailing out on longboats to far flung lands? Ice Cave slots is the game that gives you that chance, and also lets you win big money into the bargain!

When you play Ice Cave Slots you're thrown into a mythical Norse landscape. The backdrop of an icicle-strewn cave tinkles with the eerie, cold music that really creates an atmosphere of isolated, frozen magic. The reels are covered Norse runes, with higher scoring symbols featuring longships, Valkyries and Ravens - presumably Odin's winged advisors Hugin and Munin. The whole effect combines to shut out the outside world and immerse you in the ancient world of Viking history and mythology.

Playing Ice Cave Slots online it's clear the makers have thought hard about creating a user friendly experience, as well as going all out on their effective theme. There's a brief explanation when you load the game of their wild symbols: an 'Ice Wild' tiles that multiplies all winnings by three and stacks up onscreen with any other Ice Wilds you've accumulated, and a 'Hammer Wild' tile that multiplies winnings by three while removing any Ice Wild tiles.

This goes a long way to make the game clear and accessible to new players, and these wild tiles aside, it's a simple game. The fun comes in accumulating as many Ice Wilds as you can to maximise your score multiplier before the Hammer Wild smashes them away. It's a mechanic that rewards long term players, as more Ice Wild tiles accumulate over time, giving you bigger and bigger wins!

There's more player friendly features in the game settings: you can activate Turbo Mode to speed up the spins, and set the game to Autoplay, choosing either a set number of spins to work through or to simply play until it encounters a feature.

You can play Ice Cave slots online at your PC or through your phone or tablet, so it's always easy to access your personal slot machine Valhalla.

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Game play artwork for Ice Cave