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Cleopatra Casual

If you're looking for a change from online slot games, Cleopatra Instant Win offers a compelling, highly clickable alternative. Cleopatra was the most powerful woman in the ancient world, and here she stands ready to shower rewards on you if you're lucky enough to match some high scoring numbers!

When you play Cleopatra Instant Win you're faced with an array of numbers to scratch off in a captivating online scratchcard. On the left you'll see five lucky numbers hidden behind Pharaoh death masks. If you can match any of those lucky numbers to your 15 numbers, concealed behind Eye of Horus symbols on the right, you stand to win up to 10,000 times the value of your stake!

As well as simply matching numbers to win money, you also stand the chance of a sudden windfall if you find any of the special symbols. If you find the scarab, the lotus or the cartouche you'll immediately be awarded a jackpot - anything up to five times your bet if you manage to find a lucky scarab.

Before you begin a round of Cleopatra Instant Win online you'll need to buy a ticket. You can choose how much you're going to bet, and the more you bet the more you stand to win!

Once you've bought your ticket and are into the game itself, you'll find yourself in an immaculately designed experience. The Egyptian theme runs right through the game: as well as the symbols you'll be clicking through to find your lucky numbers and search for winning pairs, the Pharaoh Cleopatra herself oversees the game, whose captivating gaze keeps careful watch on you as she decides whether she's going to award you a big win.

Whenever you click a symbol to reveal the possible winnings that lie beneath, sand drains out to reveal the number that could earn you a tasty jackpot. It's a small touch, but it's an effective reminder of the Egyptian setting and a very satisfying animation that keeps things interesting as you keep searching for the lucky number that could win you a big sum.

You can play Cleopatra Instant Win online through any of your devices, so whenever you want to sift the shifting sands of Ancient Egypt for gold, all you need is an internet connection.

Cleopatra Casual

Take a trip down the Nile and unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt! Just as Cleopatra captivated Rome’s great generals, she’s certain to keep players spellbound. Win by matching up to five numbers and finding intriguing symbols that deliver instant wins â€" sometimes at two or even five times their original prize value!

How to Play

Ticket Cost

Displays the current ticket cost.

Press the left arrow (â€") to decrease the ticket cost.

Press the right arrow (+) to increase the ticket cost.

Press BUY to deduct the ticket cost from the balance and play the game.

Reveal All

Press REVEAL ALL to automatically play the game to completion. Game play continues until all items have been revealed.

About the Game

The object of the game is to match Lucky Numbers to Your Numbers to win the associated prize.

Game Screen

After a ticket is purchased, the game displays five Lucky Numbers, fifteen Your Numbers, and a REVEAL ALL button.

Winning a Prize

Select tiles or press REVEAL ALL to reveal numbers. Match any of the Your Numbers tiles to any of the Lucky Numbers tiles to win the prize shown for that number.

Reveal a Cartouche symbol and instantly win the prize shown for that symbol.

Reveal a Lotus symbol to instantly win double the prize shown for that symbol.

Reveal a Scarab symbol to instantly win five times the prize shown for that symbol.

Game Completion

When all the tiles are revealed, the game ends. A closing message appears, indicating the game’s outcome.


Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Instant wins are added to total winning prize values.

Wins are shown in currency.

Additional Information

Expected Payback

For this game, the long-term, theoretically-expected payback is 85.00%.

Intellectual Property

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Last updated 15 March 2017.

Game play artwork for Cleopatra Casual