Responsible gaming checklist

  • Decide in advance how often you will play and how much money and time you will spend.
  • Decide in advance the point you will set yourself to stop - then stick to it. The stopping point might be, for example when you have reached the spending limit you have set yourself or when you have a spent a certain amount of time playing.
  • Bear in mind that sometimes responsible gambling is about making a decision to not gamble at all.

Always remember – a person who gambles responsibly:

  • Gambles for enjoyment, not to make money or to escape problems;
  • Understands that they are very unlikely to win in the long run;
  • Does not try to ‘chase’ or win back losses;
  • Only ever gambles with money set aside for entertainment and never uses money intended for rent, bills and food;
  • Does not borrow money to gamble;
  • Does not let gambling affect their relationships with family and friends